Course curriculum

    1. About Next Gen Men

    2. Introduction to the Course

    3. Before You Begin…

    1. Gender & Sex

    2. Social Norms & Culture

    3. Feminine Boys

    4. Reflection Exercise

    5. Review Activity

    6. Additional Resources & Discussion

    1. The Man Box

    2. Masculinit(ies)

    3. Review Activity

    4. Additional Resources & Discussion

    1. Masculinity Growing Up

    2. Emotions & Vulnerable Conversations

    3. Masculinity and Violence

    4. Scenario Activity

    5. Additional Resources & Discussion

    1. Positive Masculinity

    2. Practical Next Steps

    3. Additional Resources & Discussion

    4. Before You Go…

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 22 lessons
  • 8-10 hours of learning
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Comprehensive, engaging, and valuable

Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs Hamilton

The Raising Next Gen Men course is a comprehensive, engaging, and valuable training that starts the conversation around gender norms and stereotypes, diversity, the importance of mental and emotional health, and really rethinking masculinity. We would definitely recommend the Next Gen Men training to other organizations and schools.

The foundation I needed

Child & Youth Worker

Youth are not offered enough spaces to be freely who they are. One time while teaching, a mother approached my male coworker and asked him to ‘turn her son into more of a man’ because she thought he was too feminine. Afterward, I felt frustrated with myself, feeling like I failed to be a successful advocate for that child. This course has equipped me with the foundation I needed for knowing where and how to start advocating for youth.

A reality check on the world of boys

Mom of two preteen boys

I’m taking the Raising Next Gen Men course. It’s really good and not what I was expecting. I feel like I’m getting a reality check on the world of boys—all boys. This should be part of every curriculum for people studying to work with kids.
  • Challenge assumptions.

    Learn how cultural norms and biases shape gender and masculinity, and what this means for how we think about boys and young men.

  • Deepen understanding.

    Explore how boys are affected by expectations of what it means to be a man, and what leading experts are saying about masculinities today.

  • Shift attitudes.

    Unpack what the socialization journey usually looks like for boys growing up, and how to respond to boys with empathy and vulnerability.

  • Take action.

    Commit to being a supportive listener for boys based on what it means to empower positive masculinity among the next generation of men.


  • Our school takes an all-gender approach.

    We know that people of all genders and ages are affected by cultural norms related to gender. Supporting the wellbeing and positive development of boys—and acknowledging their sense of themselves as young men—is a critical step towards supporting mental wellness, increasing academic engagement, and ending gender-based violence.

    Delve deeper in our blog series, Why Schools Should Commit to Combating Toxic Masculinity.

  • What age group is this course about?

    Next Gen Men’s expertise primarily revolves around young adolescent boys, but this course has meaningful insights for parents and educators of boys of any age.

  • Will this course help me fix my boys?

    We think of boys leaders for change rather than as problems to be fixed. Next Gen Men’s youth programs help boys and young men make sense of violence and explore their role in challenging it. This is a process that is most effective when it’s led by mentors who believe in boys’ strengths and are committed to empowering their best selves.

    This course won’t fix your boys—but it might fix you.

  • Is there a bulk discount?

    Get in touch at [email protected] and let’s discuss!

Making Sense of Senseless Violence

Men commit 97% of mass shootings. We need to talk about it.